Monday, 29 November 2010

the cheaper show

Nice poster by design studio Working Format

Marian Bantjes

I bought this book off amazon the other day. Not only is it a beautiful object in itself, but her theories on typography are inspirational, interesting, intense, diverse.... wonderful. 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

150 different typefaces - do you think he's got a partner called Barbara, sorry, I mean Brenda?

All letterpress should be done like this..........

Can a font change the future? On her first day back at the University, a rogue Professor sets out to avenge her missing husband - and the lost art of ink on paper - by conducting a dangerous lesson on typography. When the Professor's lecture jumps the rails, we peer into a near future where desperate people search for the tangible in an ever more virtual age.

"i bet you a bag of hay you dont make this shot"

Friday, 12 November 2010

Loose Fit surfboards in Devon

Went to this shop years ago but just noticed its moved to a fab new store and has some sweet graphics, do i want a retro board...yes please!

its the weekend.....lets have a beer!

Analogue love

Just some of the many beautiful shots ive been browsing through on the lomo website:

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Poster Boy

Fergus doesn't do fashion show posters. But if he did, they would probably be the best fashion show posters in the world.

Monday, 8 November 2010

More ideas...

Also, (this is my last one I swear!) these paper trees are really interesting. The artist - Teruya - cuts one side of a paper object and pushes the negative paper inside, creating a miniature paper tree. This creates shadows all around the interior of the object, giving the idea that there are numerous paper trees inside one bag/ box/ toilet roll. Its quite a poetic idea "The bags started as trees and they are ending their lives as a tiny echo of what once was". 

Adapting a space...

Wendy Plomp has done some really nice work with paper and installations. Her message in a box pieces are really nice. She prints the inside of boxes with different designs reminiscent of persian carpets; creating objects which can then be used however you like. Its the idea of interacting with an object in whatever way you like, each person's approach is different to the next. Interesting, but maybe again off the thread of the project again...
Also look at this project Paper Cave by the same artist


Hilary Grant's "make your own mittens"

Pop up trees + paper goods cont.

Paper decorations.
 We could even sell these as nets for a "make your own" kit. They would be cheap for us to make ourselves though, albeit time-consuming

Pop up trees
All work in this post is by the illustrator Lucy Roscoe (clickhere) They're tiny & very intricate, but imagine them large scale...